About Us

Who we are and what we do

We are a group of certified and qualified plumbers who expertly provide solutions to all your plumbing needs. We have specialized in the art of plumbing to ensure all your piping is in order; all the valves and drains are proficiently fitted to ensure our customers enjoy their water services. We provide general plumbing through our able and skilled Australian licensed plumbers. All our plumbers are registered hence suitable for hire for all your plumbing needs. We recommend to our customers our qualified plumbers since most plumbing service require professionals who will use their plumbing knowledge and proper equipment to detect the faults and subsequently provide the best diagnosis. This not only proves less costly and effective to the customer but also provides the customer a chance to avoid unnecessary damages which are caused by the luck of proper plumbing knowledge needed to fix, repair or service sophisticated appliances. Our plumbers ensure your home is flowing with clean water at all times and all the waste is eradicated by ensuring all your general plumbing receives a special touch. We guarantee our customers accurate service since all our plumbers have been trained to handle an array of plumbing services which cover installations, repairs, upgrades, servicing or even complete remodeling. Our plumbers ply their trade in all the plumbing areas whether in residential homes, commercial premises or even industrial areas. They are all equipped to handle any challenging fittings or installations that require a professional plumber.

Reasons why our service is necessary and profitable

We save you a lot of unnecessary costs;

Our service saves you from various harmful effects caused by faulty appliances that cause leakages. Leakages are known to have adverse effects to your property as they might cause harm through the rust or staining that is often associated with these leakages. Other leakages such as gas leakages are also highly perilous. Our plumbers ensure early detection and correction before any of the leakages become costly. Our plumbers also practice honest plumbing which is guided by strong moral and ethical values. While providing the general plumbing service, no foot is put wrong from the beginning of a service to the end as all our clients are duly advised on the best and most durable appliances to purchase. Whether it is a single pipe or a range of sinks, we recommend to our customers the best quality so that the overall maintenance cost is not inflated.

We provide a professional service

We provide a quality service at a relatively cheap price. All our services are up front. We have fixed prices on services and we stick to our word so you are guaranteed of no extra charges. Our services are carried out in a timely manner to ensure the damage caused by a breakage or leakage is significantly minimized. The plumbers tackle your plumbing need expertly by ensuring no detain is left unaddressed. The correct diagnosis involves a detailed process of detecting the root cause of the problem, the most effective and efficient way to solve it and the course of action necessary to ensure the problem does not persist. Such a service provides a lusting solution, therefore saving our clients extra maintenance costs. Our plumbers also follow a strict code of conduct which ensures they take a professional approach to all our plumbing needs.

We are flexible to your requirements

Our plumbers invite you to offer your personal requirements after which they accommodate the specific requirements in installing the appliances of your choice. Most devices vary in size, shape, color and quality. Our plumbers ensure your thoughts and needs are incorporated in their installations or upgrades. Australian licensed plumbers are also emergency plumbers. Our customers receive general plumbing services whenever they need them. We keep a continuous service response that is on 24 hours 7 days.

Our general plumbing services

Taps and outlets

This involves fitting of taps to ensure all outlets produce water. They ensure effective water flow and ensure there are no leakages.

Burst pipes

Burst pipes can become a menace, causing flooding and mud which could cause a lot of damage to your property. Timely piping repairs or replacement and flood control is offered by our plumbers so that you don’t have to worry when you have a burst pipe situation. Other than providing the solution, our general plumbing ensures regular maintenance of every water line in a premise.

Water filters

Our general plumbing service ensures our clients are installed for quality water filters to provide clean and tasty water from all water outlets in your premise. Clean water is central to good health, making water filters a necessity.

Basins and sinks

Our service ensures the basins and sinks installed both in your kitchens and bathrooms reflect your needs, are durable and attractive and the water drainage is free flowing to ensure you enjoy their services.

Roof, guttering and downpipes

Our general plumbing service ensures you are not bothered by the unwanted water brought by rain. Downpipes also ensure your walls and foundations are protected from rain water. Apart from roof and gutter repairs, water collection points are installed for purposes of water conservation

Fixture installations

Our experts are essential for such service as water fixtures are properly fitted to harmonize the flow of water in a premise. Such a procedure requires a professional so that the flow of water from taps as well as sinks attains a balance.

Shower and baths

From fixing classy bathtubs to ensuring blocked drains are fixed, our plumbers are the best in all your shower head problems and installations of quality and effective hot water systems so that you enjoy your hot bath. They also ensure your systems are up to date to much the ever changing technology.

Sewer and storm water

The general plumbing service we provide ensures all you sewer pipes are properly fitted or replaced when leaking. Proper measures are also taken to ensure storm water is drained expertly.

Bathroom and kitchens

This is the places that are mostly in need of continuous water flow. Our general plumbing ensures optimum flow of water in these important locations of a premise.

Upgrades, repairs, installations and renovations

Our general plumbing comprise of all these services. Our experienced plumbers ensure all installations are carried out expertly, all repairs receive effective diagnosis and all upgrades focus on improved quality service.

Vanity units

Your vanity unit installations and maintenance can use the expertise of our very able plumbers.

24 hour/7 days

We are always available to ensure our client enjoy our general plumbing service at all times.